Monday, September 10, 2018

Decorate your house for next to nothing

How many  times have you wished to be able to redecorate a room but haven't  got the extra cash flow or the time to shop? Well here are some of our ideas to refresh your house for free or at least relatively cheap:

1. Look at what you already have.  We get so use to seeing the same  decor that  it is easy to not appreciate things.  One  thing I like to do is to
 swap our room decor over; things like pictures, lampshades, curtains and rugs instantly change  a room and swapping rooms suddenly  refreshes the accessories  and the new room. 

2. Recycle- old shirts make great cushion covers with a bit of nifty sewing work, or why not make your own art work or better yet frame the kids art work for a real cute effect.

4. Do you have lots of keepsakes such as: First shoes, first christmas outfit or christening  outfits. Buy a box frame and create your own feature wall.

5. Wall paper  cutoffs framed can turn a plain wall into a feature and really  tie a room in together.

6. Charity shops : yes there is tat and you  will have  to dedicate some time to sift through  this. BUT there  are some real gems to find, picture frames; rugs, light shades, pictures and so much  more so have  a look around.

7. CAR BOOT SALES- often brand new home wear found for  cheaper ! And who doesn't  love a little rummage  through  other peoples boxes (ha!)

8. De clutter. Removing clutter instantly changes how a room looks so get stuffing those  toys into random cupboards.

9. Facebook market place: it's true someones 
junk is another mans treasure. We managed to pick up some great pieces of furniture for next to nothing.

10. Introduce mirrors to plain walls: A quick and easy way of adding a splash  of colour  to the wall through the reflection. And mirrors instantly make a room look larger.

Check out our weekly vlog here for our recent room tours.

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