Friday, August 31, 2018

Summers Out: Parents School Survival Tips

Somehow we have survived  through  the first year of school. And there have been moments of pain , joy and overwhelmingly cuteness overload during  reception. However, I feel now we are going into year 1, it is time I got my sh*t together and become the organised, well presented look at her she has got her sh*t  together mum.  Last year was a bit of a 'I'll muddle through and hope we don't  forget something but this year , this year I will be first to know the non uniform days , the bake off days and the bring a pound just because days. So I figured I would write a survival list for mum's of receptioners  in the hope you might be able to miss  some of the 'experiences' me and mine have gone through.

1. Get pick  up and drop off times right! No one wants  their child to be the last one picked up because you got the time wrong and equally standing out in the rain half an hour early is not fun either ( meaning the parents !).

2. Schools are little money sucking drains. So be prepared it starts off as a mini bake off and donate a pound but it soon creeps up , there's wear you own clothes donate a £1, summer fete donate  a raffle prize, Easter charity, sports relief, disco' s, Christmas fayres, school trips, it is a never ending transferring of money to the school.

3. And on that note - the donate the raffle prize. Don't  stress about buying a lovely new prize because your £10 gift will be up against the next door neighbours tatty book, some dried up paints , that stencil kit that's been sat in someones loft for 30 years and the obligatory Poundland toys that break  as soon as you open them. So don't  be the last minute panic buy the night before just chuck in a well presented old book.

4. You will need 5 days worth of uniforms 3 lots of uniforms will not cut it. For a start they seem to enjoy bathing in mud, paint and felt tips. At some point the uniforms will be too stained for even vanish to work and you can either buy  new ones or just send them in looking scruffy knowing that by home time they will all look the same. And then be prepared that you will loose jumpers, tights odd socks and the occasional shoe. And you will inevitable get Sarah's sock, Jack's jumper and Hannah's shoe returning home with your child.

5. Label everything, shoes, socks, uniforms , lunch boxes, bags and drinks because it may just end up being returned to you.

6. Check the lost property box it's a treasure  trove  of all your child's lost things.

7. Buy an infinite amount of hair bobbles. No matter how many you send them with in their hair they will leave school with half missing and in an obligatory scrunched up pony tail done by the school teacher. Also don't go to crazy on investing in expensive hair clips because who knows  where they disappear to.

8. Start stock piling a little cupboard of birthday presents, cards and wrapping  paper to avoid the frantic buying, attempted wrapping in the car, pen finding and the resignation that you  will just shove your present in a gift bag unwrapped and your birthday card will be written in green pen.

9. Shoes! By all means start with Clarks if it makes you feel better but sooner or later you will end up on your 3rd pair in a term and think f**k it ASDA's shoes are just as good and a fraction  of the price. So join me on the get them measured at Clarks and then scurry across to the supermarket for their lovely selection.

10. Buy a calender, diary and store things in your phone because at least then you have a fair chance of getting the day right for home clothes day !

So let's see how this year goes!!! Scared - just a little (ha)

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  1. Love this! I've got 2 years before the twins' start school and I'm dreading it already!

  2. Hopefully you are way more organised than me lol I struggled with 1 haha enjoy them whilst they are at home miss my little girl when she is at school xx

  3. Haha, this is so relatable and made me laugh! I too learnt all these lessons with my son in Reception last year! #MummyMonday

  4. Haha! My kids are now 20, 19 and 10 so I know all of this to be true and it doesn't get any better! #MummyMonday


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