Sunday, August 5, 2018

Our first wedding anniversary

Wow our first wedding anniversary!!! Once upon a time I didn't think marriage was important to me. Growing up in a divorced family it never really held any true meaning. But then one day it just clicked that calling Anil my partner , boyfriend or even manfriend didn't really convey how important he was to me. And then as soon as I realised marriage was important to me , it was all I could think about #introducingthecrazyobsessedwhenwillhepropose. Even though we have been together 12 years , have 2 beautiful children and brought our first house it is amazing to have a milestone just to celebrate us as a couple and who we are together.

 I am lucky enough to call Anil my best friend as well as my husband and I feel thankful that even when we face difficult times our days are full of laughter, being plain silly and full of love. And yes being married does feel different. For me it was showing the world how devoted we are to one another (lets hope he doesn't read this or he will cringe at the soppyness ha!). And wearing that ring on my finger has given me so much security and happiness.

 I hope we become the old couple that I have met whilst nursing, the ones who have been married 60 years, have a mountain of grandchildren, can finish each others sentences, love each other more each day but most importantly still find laughter with one another 60 years on. I look forward to all the adventures ( the ups and the downs) we are going to have on this journey and the chapters we are making in our own little story.
 So thank you Anil for being such a wonderful husband and best friend, for making me laugh constantly, taking the mickey out of my unique way of pronouncing words and basically being my lobster (ha!) I love you more today than any day and can't wait to write our next chapter together ( maybe even throw in a 3rd baby lol) xxx


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