Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Being positive , comfortable and happy in your own skin

I would love to say that I am a curvy woman that embraces her curves alas as much as I try to I still feel I would be happier/ more attractive thinner. I have always had a warped sense of body image  and even as a size 8 I would compare myself to others and wish I was their size (always coverting ). And as much as I would like to blame the fact I'v had 2 babies the facts are one is 5 and the other nearly 2 so I don't feel I can hold on much longer to that straw. Now my 2 gorgeous babies have definitely changed my body, my hips are wider since pregnancy and my boobs well lets just say no longer pass the pencil test after boobie feeding 2 hungry boob monsters. But that doesn't really bother me because it happened by me feeding them or carrying them and thats what my body was made for. But what does bother me is all the little pockets of fat I'v notice that seem to be hitching a lift on me. And the raw fact is they have come from my serious addiction to sugar and all of it's glorious forms. But it wasn't until a recent shopping trip that I realised I really needed to do something. The fact that I now had back fat really got me down and those 360 degree mirrors in primark #horror #whothoughtofthatbrightidea. I mean seriously did I really need to see every sorry looking angle? no, no I did not. But I just have a lack of will power to actually commit. Im not sure what it is but I seem to be stuck in this vicious circle of eating because I don't like how I look. So the first step to trying to break this circle was to actually try and feel attractive as I am. 
So I decided to go clothes shopping and buy the size I am now, a 14. Normally I will not go shopping until I have lost weight but as it is being a rather slow process, wearing frumpy clothes just wasn't helping. And yes I did take my trusty fat pants and I did indeed wear them under everything. Because there is nothing worst than trying something on and trying to imagine what it looks like with fat pants underneath.
 I managed to find some nice wardrobe basics that I feel comfortable and pretty in and then I decided to try out the company Joanie as I had seen quite a few people post about them on  Instagram. I was not disappointed. I ordered 2 dresses in a size 14 and they were true to size and flattering. I really recommend trying them especially if like me you struggle with getting things to fit over your boobies.

 So whilst I am still a size 14 and that doesn't look likely to change anytime soon I feel I can start to embrace the figure that I am. I am actively making better health decisions and although not actively dieting I am trying to choose better options. We have also as a family signed up to the disney 24 hour challange; you have to complete 24 hours of physical activity together as a family and it can be spread over time. Our family day outs now include something active and I think we are all feeling the benefits from it. So here is to enjoying the now and not letting negative body images hold you back from enjoying what you love. 



  1. Great post! You look gorgeous! Im a similar size to you and like u ive never been happy with my size,even when i was 2st lighter. Ive just joined weight watchers so fingers crossed!i think all women need to learn to love their bodies more.

  2. That back fat got me too...I was like I have got to do something! That dress looks great on you, maybe I need to try out Joanie! Great idea to make family time include something active.! I too want to lose weight but am learning to love my body as is for now!

  3. This is a great reminder that we should not feel bad about the way our bodies respond to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Keep up the good work mama!!


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