Friday, August 24, 2018

5 Tips to fake your way to a clean home

6 weeks a whole 6 weeks....42 days with my darling little monsters angels. Who knew 42 days could be soooo long, cause so much havoc and make my house look like a bomb site on an hourly basis. I love having a tidy house it helps me think clearer ( strange as that may sound) and I feel it just makes the whole everyday family life run smoother. Bath times aren't as stressful when you know where all the pyjamas, nappies, bum cream, towels are and telling the kids to pick up their toys is a lot easier when the whole floor isn't a sea of cars, lego and random 99p/ mcdonald cr*p. So in order to save myself from wishing the ground would swallow me whole from embarrassment when someone unexpectedly drops by; I have stuck to some quick and easy ways to give the appearance of a tidy house and thought maybe these tips will help some other parents during the school holiday nightmare excitement (October half term is soooo close guys!):

1. For me having clean bathrooms and toilets is a must have. And after going camping and using so many public loo's there was never a better feeling than sitting on my own porcelain throne that was clean and smelt of glorious Bloo ocean toilet cleaner freshness. Our 6 weeks has included a sea of little people visiting and for such small people they do mammoth poo's ( who knew they are all capable of them !). But my regular chucking in a bloo toilet block and some flushable toilet cleaning wipes has kept the toilets still looking inviting for any bottom (ha).

2. Making the beds every morning. This is something I have always done so I have spent the 6 weeks trying to instill that in to my little girl (hit and miss). But I just feel that if the beds are made, upstairs automatically looks more tidy.

3. We have a basket at the bottom of the stairs. It is a throw anything that should live upstairs kinda basket. So basically the kids bring down every toy from their bedrooms and I then pop the forgotten ones back into the basket alongside other upstairs items (Random socks??) and whoever is going up stairs takes the basket up. This has just helped to minimise half of the things from downstairs.

4. Keeping the kitchen sides clean. So the sink may get piled high with plates but the surrounding areas are clean and clutter free. Giving off the illusion of a tidy kitchen. Admittedly my cupboards are bursting at the seams with kids craft pompoms, glue,glitter, old toilet rolls etc.

  • 5. We have a utility room, it was my absolute dream and still is. And when any unexpected guests pop by I shove all the odd bits and ends, washing, ironing and general mess in there close the door and hey presto out of sight out of mind ( or at least for a little while). If you don't  have a utility room a cupboard , garage or even a shed can do wonders for hiding a multitude of mess.

 I have to admit I am looking forward to the start of September when I can have a clean and tidy house at least until 16:00 and they all come bouncing in through the door with the latest make and do creation.


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