Thursday, August 9, 2018

10 things to take when camping with kids

1. Some form of containment for any child under the age of 3: travel cot, carseat, high chair. Putting a tent up with a child that seems determined to run every direction other than where you are is a nightmare.

2. Outside games. There is no better place to take a football , bat and ball, cricket, golf. No windows to break and plenty of open space. And it gives you chance to have a hot drink whilst the kids play.

3. Quick and easy food. We take easy packets of risotto , boil in the bag rice, baked beans and pasta for our first evening meal. There is nothing worst than setting up the tent to then have to spend another hour cooking.

4. And on that note buy a decent cooker. But more so invest in a gas canister a larger one than the cartridges. It will be more powerful and cook quicker.

5. Electrical hook up : now some people will love to go back to nature but it is really tricky when you have kids. Having things such as a fridge makes life easier.

6. Self inflating mats: Gone are the days of cold air mattresses that deflate in the night. Self inflating mattresses keep you warm and are surprisingly comfortable and don't deflate at 2am. 

7. Travel wash: As a family of 4 we get through some washing on a normal daily basis so throw in beach days and hiking and our washing mounts up quickly. 

8. A double sleeping bag: if like us you always end up with a little one pushing you out of your own bed, then you also need to invest in a double sleeping bag as sharing a single sleeping bag with 2 little people is no fun. 

9. Thermals: Even on the warmest summers day when the temperature drops you will be thankful for those trusty thermals.

10. A pack of cards. Camping and cards have created some of the best childhood memories I have and albeit some fantastic fallings out with my siblings. 

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