Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Man Vs Food Literally........

As a family of four eating out is often rather expensive, slightly stressful and usually involves either me or Anil taking it in turns in playing eye spy, walk the baby up and down the aisle whilst we wait for food and then speed through eating the food in order to get through the meal as quickly and painless as possible. However, on a night where we had literally nothing in the fridge but just couldn't bare the thought of having to drag the kids around food shopping ( nightmare in it's own right). We decided (after a quick google) to visit the Man Vs Food Grill-house. 

One of the best parts as a family of 4, was that for every adults meal you get one free child's meal. Fantastic value the basic menu for the children is just that basic, but there is the option of upgrading for £2. Our children are pretty happy with basic options Sausage, beans and chips winner every time so we didn't upgrade but it's nice to know there is that option. 
 The restaurant is styled in old american style. And it has a fabulous ambiance with the route 66 signs, led light up signs and a real american vibe bar. We sat in a booth in hindsight we should have asked for a table on the main floor as we realised we couldn't get a high chair there so Alfie had to sit next to Anil (Que Alfie being a pain in the butt and if he could grab it he was having it!). By this time obviously Ava had decided she wanted to be in the booth and not swap so alas daddy ate dinner with Alfie helping to feed him. 

 The service was great; you get a designated server and our waitress was lovely. They are really quick and attentive no need to try and grab their attention. 
 So both me and Anil ordered the same dinner but with slightly different sides. We ordered the ' Full American Burger' with skinny fries and I opted for the Jalapeno and Cheddar corn bread and Anil chose the peri peri onion rings. They brought the kids meals out as soon as they were ready which made life easy as they were able to get stuck in and ease their hangryness (is that a word ?!). Our food was MASSIVE. I mean they said american sizes and for once they really do mean that. Everything about our food was amazing! However, if you order the peri peri onion rings they are HOT! mouth burning , jug of water guzzling hot!. I had one of Anil's and I wouldn't have managed much more. The cornbread was lovely and 
definitely something I would try again. The kids enjoyed their food especially the little saucepan their beans came in ( great weapons to fight with over the table !). 

I would love to say we had a dessert but I honestly couldn't find space for one we were so full ( painfully). But if you are an even bigger eater or fancy a challenge they do food challenges where you basically eat your body weight of food (seriously crazy amount of food); you either end up on the wall of shame or the wall of fame!
 All in all a great place to eat as a family, with friends or as a date night. Great food, great service, great value and a really satisfying painfully full belly.

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