Thursday, July 26, 2018

30 Day's Free....

With the six week holidays hovering over us it got me thinking about our school holiday budget. As a family of 4, days out do not come cheap ( I sometimes try to persuade the husband to stay at home oops)and for a day out at a local farm it is around £40 for us all not including our lunch and any spends (which is a crazy amount of money to see one of many sheep you will see in your life time). So we have decided to attempt 30 days free for part of our 6 week holidays. We can't do the whole 6 weeks free as we have 2 holidays already booked in. I took inspiration from the 30 days wild Instagram/Facebook following and decided that for each day we will post on Instagram, twitter and Facebook about where we go and if the kids and us enjoyed it. To really make the day free we will be having packed lunches and I am determined to get more inventive with our lunches rather than bog standard soggy cheese sandwiches (which none of us want to eat so we end up buying something from a cafĂ© anyway. 
 I have already compiled a list of places we want to go and visit and it has amazed me how many free things we can go to. Especially 6 week holiday activities. So keep an eye on our Instagram, twitter and Facebook and why not jump on board and try it yourself. 

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