Tuesday, July 10, 2018

10 Date night's for at home

Living 3 hours away from our family, 2 young children and living in a new area doesn't bode well for babysitters and we aren't exactly batting them away (where is Mary Poppins when you need her?). We are lucky if we get a child free night once every 6 months ( it's a good job we like the little cherubs). So we have become pretty darn good at becoming creative with our at home date nights (albeit often gatecrashed by one of said little monsters cherubs. I am sure there are lots of parents out there sharing our boat so I thought I would do a list of our 10 most favourite at home date nights:
We love a movie night and we have a SKY subscription so tend to use the SKY cinema choices however, before this we were avid Netflix users. We don't limit it to movie's if there is a TV series we like such as games of thrones etc then this is a good excuse to have a little series marathon (or I desperately try to convince the husband that he wants a Harry Potter marathon). We buy our favourite cinema treats, normally an alcoholic beverage of some kind, and get the sofa throws out and snuggle up. I drive him mad by talking through the film asking questions all the time. 
  • Spa Evening:
One of our best purchases this year was a hot tub it is AMAZING! and this is the star attraction now of our little Spa evening set up. We crank the heat up to 40 degrees, turn on the lights and then sink away all our worries with the bubbles (and worry about the electric bill later). We also have a nice selection of face masks and will try them out and just generally pratt about looking rather scary. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting under the stars on a cold evening in a massive tub of crazy hot water ( it's a genius idea). No hot tub? not a problem run a hot bath throw in a lush bath bomb and voila a gorgeous bath for two.

  • Mr and Mrs Game:
You would think after 13 years together we would know absolutely everything about one another and it does make this game a little more tricky so we really have to get inventive. We both make 10 questions up and list the answers about something we DON'T think the other person knows about us. Occasionally a little cheeky question such as: who is the messiest pops up (just a small nag haha). It is a great game to play as besides the fun it really makes you take time out to talk to one another about other things besides everyday stresses, work or the children. 

  • Monopoly:
DO NOT I repeat DO NOT play this game if you are in a rough patch as this is a marriage make or break game and I am sure there must be hundreds of divorces based on a monopoly game (just kidding or am I ????). We are both so competitive with monopoly and I have been known to be a bit light fingered with the bankers money (oops). We both battle it out for the best properties, laugh hysterically when the other one is sent to jail and make up rules that definitely are not in the rule book. We also hardly ever finish the game as someone generally starts messing about and starts throwing the mini houses and hotels about. 

  • YouTube Karaoke:
Channel your inner diva choose your song on youtube karaoke and sing your heart out with the added challenge of not waking up the kids. If your a hard headed karaoke player than why not plug a microphone in ( we have a striking bright pink TROLLS microphone courtesy of Ava). Anil likes to channel his inner Peter Andre (Seriously.....) and I am more of a Ed Sheeran kinda girl and tend to butcher his songs spectacularly.

  • Playing cards:
Whether it is Black Jack, Rummy or a terrible attempt at poker we both love to get competitive with card games. And sometimes it just descends into a childish game of SNAP.

  • Back to basics:
There is something rather sexy about a man who is lighting a fire ( Just me ???). We love to stick some logs on the fire pit and relax. For some reason having a fire outside makes you really take time to have a good chat and it's nice to be snuggled up with the outside cushions and throws. We also get the massive American style marshmallows to roast add a glass of wine and you have the perfect evening. 

  • A Romantic dinner:
And in our case we are both to knackered from the day and then the epic bed time battles, that cooking twice in one evening is just to much. SO what do we do? We open up the trusty takeaway menu drawer and order something. We love the Chinese takeaway near us as they use the little cardboard boxes so we don't even have to do any washing up BONUS.

  • Comedy Date night:
Whether it is Michael Mcintyre, QI or impractical jokers; Laughter really is the best medicine! We are really liking Mrs Brown's Boy's at the moment.

  • Around the world treats:
Get exploring the around the world food aisles in the supermarket. We pick up a selection of treats from different countries and try them out. It's great to get you talking about travel and your next adventure together.

  So there you have it, with a bit of forward planning and preparation you can still have a great date night, even if you can't find a babysitter. Hope you enjoy trying out some of these ideas. 


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  1. These are such good ideas! Especially considering my fiance and I are saving for a house, will definitely be putting some of these into action! X


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