Sunday, June 10, 2018

How Moshi Twilight Transformed our Bedtime

I have been blessed with 2 beautiful children scrap that 2 sleep avoiding monsters that team up on me to ensure our bedtime routine goes to pot leaving both me and their dad frazzled and by this time it's reached 22:00 and we are both just to tired to care anymore so we stick them in our bed and thus goes the vicious circle. 
Now we have a king size bed but even if our bed was the size of the bedroom it would not be enough space because my darling children like to sleep horizontal, Diagonal, star-fishing and then ultimately suffocating me by sticking their bums on my head ( no joke !). I have always maintained the stance that it's OK to bed share and that they will sleep in their own rooms when they are ready but NOT anymore! For my own sanity they need to sleep in their own rooms in their own beds. Mummy and daddy are taking back our fort! 
 It has got to the desperate point where we end up leaving the kids in our bed and going and inhabiting either their beds or the spare room (only for the little beasties to wander in saying they are lonely !!!!). I do love that they want to be cuddled and like us to be with them but now there are two of them there is just no more room in the bed. I want the days of sleeping like sardines to be gone and I want to embrace being able to starfish in my own bed again. 
 So in the many hours that I have been awake with the beasties or unable to sleep because I am hanging off the bed, Mr google became my friend. I decided to research lots of different hacks to see what will change our bedtime routine and get them to sleep in their own beds.
 First on my list was white noise; now we have always been avid users of white noise and have had a white noise app for years stemming from blowing up the hoover (only thing Ava would sleep to ) when Ava was 3 weeks old. So rather than buy a new hoover to just play to Ava all night long ( it was considered in our sleep deprived state) we purchased sound sleeper app for the grand total of £1.99. Now it wasn't as great as the hoover but it was close enough and cheaper on the electric bill. However, our problem now is that Alfie is not at all bothered by white noise in fact it makes him scream louder if anything so we needed a new plan of action. So I was searching google play for some inspiration and up popped Moshi Twilight from mind candy and is available for iOs & android. What caught my attention was the line: "73% of families say it get's their kids to sleep quicker". So I frantically downloaded it; I didn't sign up to their monthly subscription at this point as I didn't have high hopes for it considering my sleep evading monsters. But it promised me that the kids fall asleep faster and I will relax sooner; so by hook or by crook I was giving this one a good go. 
 I downloaded the app straight to both mine and Anil's phone one for each of the kids rooms. The app is easy to navigate with 3 menus: Relax, a series of stories aimed at relaxing children ( we ended up using these during quiet time in the day), playlist, to store your favorites in and then sleep, which had specific stories that would lull your child in to a deep sleep. We chose to listen to one of the free stories called 'Close your eyes sleepy paws' and I would love to tell you what the story is about however, I too end up in the 'moshi' trance and completely zone out listening to it. The narrator Phillipa is very calming, tranquil and almost hypnotic. We prefer her to Marc who narrates the other story ' Mr snoodle's Twilight train. The first night Alfie fell asleep in his own cot at 19:00 and Ava fell asleep in our bed also at 19:00 (little steps). So in my mind that was a success but it could have been a fluke they had been really active in the day so maybe they were just worn out at last. So all through the week we played 'Moshi' at bed time and they both fell asleep to it before the story had even finished. It has changed mine and Anil's evenings as we are now like any 'normal' family and our children go to bed early and we then wonder what on earth to do with the hours we have suddenly gained. I have now subscribed to their monthly plan which is £5.99 a month. There is a yearly plan at £29.99 and a lifetime plan at £149.99. 

 It is still early days for us but so far it has completely changed our evenings and the kids are rested and energetic when they wake up (We of course still do our own stories with them before Moshi). We move Ava into her own bed when we go to bed and she doesn't come back into our bed until 3:00am which is a big improvement. Alfie settles in his own room now and wakes up ( and I mean WAKES up) at 4:00am but that is him up for the day (not so great). We still have a long way to go but to get those free hours in the evenings is bliss and has allowed me to write this blog. So we are fully converted moshlings in this house hurrah for Moshi Twilight!!!.



  1. Great review! It sounds like something my kids would enjoy.

  2. Yes getting the kids to sleep is the biggest struggle sometimes! This app sounds too good to be true lol Glad it is working for you! Maybe I should give it a try.

  3. My toddler is starting to "slip away" from his sleeping schedule and this is such a great lifesaver in case we get really desperate lol


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