Wednesday, June 27, 2018

My June Favourites

Hi, So June has been a rather busy month for me; weddings, birthday's and school holidays. But I have been really enjoying my new products for June and thought I would share with you my favourites.
 My first absolute love is this yellow floral maxi dress which you can find here: Floral print cold shoulder maxi. I wore this to a wedding and as someone who is in between sizes and at the moment not feeling body confident I found this a great dress that covered all my areas I am not keen on such as my mum tum. It has a split up the leg but not to high and I felt this gave the dress a more evening vibe over a day time. It is light and floaty and really made me feel pretty. I teamed it with a pair of silver chunky wedges. I wouldn't normally choose this style however, Ava asked me to try them on and that girl has an eye for fashion as they looked great and went perfectly with the dress. They are from Dorothy Perkins but I did get them in the sale for £20.

I also found this little Gem of a reed diffuser from Aldi. It is a summer berry scent and it is very strong. I have it in my hallway entrance and it scent's all of the room and the landing. Just be careful not to spill any as it did ruin the paint on my window ledge (oops). Aldi is a difficult one to link as they change constantly what they have in store in those magical middle aisles. So if you are looking for a new Reed diffuser I recommend popping by an Aldi and seeing if they have any in stock.
 I have also for the first time in my life tried a make up setting spray. Now I have to confess I have always just given a spritz of hairspray on my face but I saw this in Boots and thought I would give it a go. it is the BarryM Flawless mist and fix illuminating finish and I LOVE it ! It does keep my make up in place for much longer and it keeps a beautiful shimmer. I always spray my face and chest and arms and it really gives that summer glowing skin. It was £4.99 so a bargain for a setting spray. Ill pop the link here.
 And then in comes another BarryM product and it is the Colour Changing Lip stick in shade unicorn. This is a yellow lipstick (horror) however, it adapts to the body temperature and gives you a unique shade mine is a very perky pink. No person is the same and I find it really complements my skin complexion. I am very fair being a natural red head so I often find bright lipsticks wash me out but this one was fab.
 My next favourite isn't really a favourite of mine but of Ava's. Ava wanted to have some glitter make up for her dance show. I am not completely keen on little girls wearing makeup especially at 5 but for her dance show I am quite happy to go along with everything sparkly. We chose a silver colour as I figured I could use it myself if I am feeling like channeling my inner disco child. You do need the glitter fixer though as otherwise it stays everywhere other than the eyelids you put it on. 
 Now my last products are from the body shop I actually brought these back in May but I think with any skin care products you really have to give them around 4 weeks to see any difference. I have quite sensitive skin and also at 30 I am more conscious about taking care of it and having a proper skin care routine. So I brought some drops of youth. I brought the concentrate serum and the bouncy sleep mask. I use the serum first and then apply my usual skin moisturiser in the morning and at night I follow this with the sleep mask. The serum really smooths out your imperfections and feels amazing. It helps the moisturiser to melt easily into your skin and I feel it has made a real difference to my skin quality (apart from when it's that time of the month as I just turn in to a spotty teenager again then). The sleep mask is quite oily and I would say if you already have oily skin perhaps this is one to not try but for me it works amazingly. They do have a really wide range of products so I am sure there is one out there for all skin types. And then finally I brought some shimmer body butter from the body shop and boy does it smell good. It is coconut scented and I really feel as though it is a bit of a treat wearing it plus the husband always says I smell nice wearing it ( always a bonus). It does give a lovely summer shimmer as well.
 I have included links to all the products I can still find available and hope you give them a try and find them as amazing as I have.

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