Friday, June 8, 2018

Oh so natural and LUSH

So most of you have probably seen or heard something regarding the Johnson's talcum powder lawsuit and it's relation to cancer. Well this got me thinking about all the products I use on my own children. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with the Johnson's baby products available or any other brand for that matter but it made me question: Did I really know what I was putting in my children's bath? I have never been one to turn the bottle over and read all the ingredients I have always just presumed it is safe because it wouldn't be sold otherwise. However, who is to say in 30 years time something I have used on them turns out not to be safe ( I'm just saying what if !). So I turned over the Johnson's baby bottle shampoo over and was met with who knows what described in it: ocamidopropyl betaine, PEG-80 sorbitan laurate and sodiumtrideceth sulfate. To name but a few. I have no idea what any of these are or where on earth they are obtained from but they sounded like they would be better placed in a chemistry school lesson rather than in my bathroom. Now I am not saying we shouldn't use these but it shocked me that I wasn't even thinking about what could be in them. So I decided that we are going to take a more natural approach to our bath time essentials ( however, I am excluding myself and hubby from this as we basically have to use what ever is left over because I can not afford to go 100% oh natural). So after a lot of pondering on the web and balking at some of the prices ( Who knew £30 for bubble bath ) we found LUSH. 
 If you have yet to discover lush ( we are late to the party apparently) they are an amazing company that keeps fresh ingredients at the heart of their philosophy. They are all about natural ingredients, plants, clays, butters and essential oils. And as they state these ingredients have been used for years and have been proven to be effective, safe and kinder to the environment. So this sounded like the exact company I was looking for and if I was going to help our environment along the way what a bonus. Plus if I can eliminate half of the empty bottles that gather around our bath and shower that Ava and Alfie decide are now 'people' with 'feelings' so I can't throw them away, well that in itself is one major plus to LUSH.

 So we decided to have a little trip to our local lush and find out what products they could offer. I wanted to visit the shop as although their website looked amazing ( I wanted to smell and feel the products to decide on what we all liked. The shop was like walking in to a bath time, beauty regime Disney land. And it smelt AMAZING! We were met by a really lovely lush assistant and we explained that we were new to Lush but were really hoping to get some bath time essentials for the kids to try. And low and behold it was choice after choice after choice. There were bubble baths, bath bombs, glitter bath bombs ( Ava's favourite) and bubble bars. They gave us a demonstration of how they all worked. I had to restrain Ava from throwing every bath bomb in to the bowl to watch it fizz. We settled on a fun bar called Rainbow an ingenious little thing that you can mould. So that was a major hit with Ava play dough at bath time result! And then we moved on to shampoos, shower jellies and massage bars. The shampoo bars looked and smelt amazing and last for apparently 60-80 washes. We went with Honey I washed my hair as it is suitable for use with younger children. And I am not kidding it smells soooo good that every time I go to the bathroom I have a sniff of it. We also brought a pot of Sleepy ( Review shall be coming up soon).

 The whole experience of shopping oh natural with Lush was fab. Ava has decided it is her most favourite shop in the world and I have to agree with her.

So how did our products go..... We LOVE them. The fun bar has been exactly that fun. Both Ava and Alfie have enjoyed moulding it rubbing it all over the bath ( it hasn't stained it either) and it seems to be lasting for ages. We use half of one of the colour blocks for each bath so we think it should last around 14 baths. It was pricey at £7.95 and I think this will be something that is a treat once a month. But as an introductory to LUSH we have found it exciting, fun and most of all it smells incredibly and scents the whole house. 

 Our Honey I washed my hair was so luxurious. It has a sticky honey top so some people might not like that. But you don't notice when using it. It lathers up really well; I was worried it wouldn't have the same effect as a liquid shampoo but it actually gave a better lather and overall coverage. Ava said it didn't sting her eyes either. When washed off it left Ava's hair so silky smooth and it smelt delicious. It was £6.50 for the shampoo bar but it lasts 60-80 washes and I can see it lasting for that as you only need a tiny bit. This is definitely something we will be purchasing again. So overall although more expensive than our usual bathroom additions you certainly get amazing quality products that last. 

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