Sunday, June 24, 2018

Having a positive outlook on your kingdom......

I have realised that sometimes I am to harsh on myself. Of lately I have been really down about my weight and body. Now I am not chubby from genetics etc I am chubby because I make the wrong choices and have a serious addiction to CHOCOLATE. But after a trip to primark and trying on my usual size and not only it not fitting but seeing my body from all angles with their 360 mirrors ( who thought of that idea!!!! I do not need to see my back fat) I have decided that yes I am going to embark on a healthy change however, more I am going to start learning to focus on the more positive sides to my body. When I see a photo or look in the mirror I am immediately pointing out my areas I hate and it completely drags me down for the rest of the day. And it doesn't matter how much my husband or friends say I look lovely I just can't bring myself to believe them. WHY ? because I have spent 30 minutes telling myself my stomach is fat, look at them rolls, I wish I was a size 8 , I wish I didn't have to tuck my belly apron in to my pants ( thanks kiddies for that) and I wish I was one of these glamorous mum's who have just snapped back into their jeans and look absolutely fabulous (but I know realistically they have likely worked hard to snap back and haven't spent the night feeds eating a bar of galaxy). So no more negativity and instead I am going to make sure I point out at least 5 good things about myself and my body in the morning. So this morning I took a good hard look and yes my belly is flabby but I have grown 2 beautiful children and really would I swap my belly for my pre children flat belly? NO I wouldn't so instead of hating my belly I felt really proud of it (maybe strange) and those stretch marks (not many I admit) are like individual maps of my children's start in this world. I haven't got many and I know which baby grew which stretch marks and it makes me smile remembering being pregnant with them. I am really loving my new short hair (blog coming soon promise) it makes me feel younger, neater and more put together. And I am embracing my natural colour for once. If ginger is good enough for Disney it is good enough for ME. So I am now channeling my inner merida and princess Anna. One of my favourite parts at the moment is my feet ( not in a weird way) but no matter how much I am having an off day with my body and if I go shopping and don't feel like trying clothes on, I know I can rely on my trusty feet to step up to the plate and let me buy some beautiful shoes for them. And no matter what they are always within the same sizes 4-5. And even if I was a 6 I would not get that heart dropping feeling that I get if I go up a dress size.
 I already feel more positive and knowing that I am going to start making better food choices and start exercising is an exciting journey. I don't want a diet I want a life change. I want to enjoy eating fruits, salads and showing my children that exercising and spending more time outside is so beneficial for you. So here is to health , being positive and loving the skin your in.

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