Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Oh so sleepy .......

I recently wrote a blog piece on our first experience on LUSH; and whilst we were there I brought a body cream called sleepy. As you all may have realised by now our children do NOT sleep. I mean they don't fall asleep easily unless it's in the car but driving around at 1:00 am to make the children fall asleep isn't conducive (although believe me we have done this). So I am always on the look out for anything that may help them settle and sleep. I actually think I have tried most things out there and more often than not it works for a week and then my sleep evading monsters adapt and resist it's magical power and off we go back to all being awake and absolutely shattered the next day. 
 So I am a marketers dream really as if you promise me my children will sleep I will most likely buy it. And hence the attraction to Sleepy body cream. So what is it?
 Sleepy is a body cream that includes a gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower, ylang ylang oil and sweet aroma of tonka absolute( yes I to went a tonka what?!). Well a tonka absolute comes from the fruit of the dipteryx odorata tree ( sounds like something out of Jurassic park right?) and you find that in Brazil. Well if it takes tonka seeds to conk my kids out I will buy them in the boat load. 

 It is a lilac colour and smells heavenly; my skin felt super soft afterwards and I have to admit I decided to put some on myself ( really should have brought the bigger pot). At £7.95 for 95g it isn't cheap and when being put on both of the kids we will get through this quickly. Alfie has always had a little baby massage before bed so instead of his usual baby oil we used this. He enjoyed it so much he kept giving me his feet to stick more on. 

Now Alfie did fall asleep well at 19:00 and when he did his usual waking up around 22:00 I reapplied some sleepy to his hands and feet and he fell back asleep. That is a first usually it requires a bottle of milk or a cuddle. Ava on the other hand enjoyed the massage but it didn't make a massive difference to her sleep pattern although I do think the quality of sleep she had was better as she had a very sunny disposition in the morning. I too found that I slept deeper and woke up almost groggy from having such a good sleep. The next 7 nights went pretty much along the same lines and although this hasn't stopped them from waking and needing us to resettle them it has made it easier for them to fall back to sleep. Bedtime is definietly getting easier and more calming than before and that can only help with us all finally getting that elusive good nights sleep.


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